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Car Shipping Made Easy: Understanding Your Transportation Options

  1. Door-to-Door Our team will collect your vehicle from your address and transport it to the port for loading. We will also ensure safe and secure delivery to your final destination, eliminating the need for you to retrieve it at the port.
  2. Door-to-Port Our team will pick up your vehicle from your specified address and deliver it to the port. Upon arrival at the port, the recipient will be responsible for arranging collection themselves.
  3. Port-to-Port The vehicle’s owner will be responsible for arranging transportation to the designated port. Once it reaches the port, the recipient will need to collect it from the local port themselves.
  4. Port-to-Door The vehicle’s owner will handle the arrangements and send it to the specified port. After it arrives at the port, we will take care of the safe and secure delivery to your designated doorstep.

Preparing Your Vehicle for a Smooth Shipping Experience

What document is needed for customs clearance?


When is the closing date for bookings?

Closing time is 5 days before the ETA of the vessel (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays)

What do I need to do before shipping my car?

Perform any necessary maintenance (Tire pressure, Battery charge-OK). And 30% of the fuel tank is enough to drive on and off the vessel so as to sufficiently deliver at your destination address.

How do I know when my car is ready to be picked up or received?

The agent or representative will contact you as soon as the car is ready or upon collection of the car, which can be self-collected from the Port or delivered to your doorstep (additional rates may apply).

What is the ETA, ETD, or the Sailing/Shipping date?

The Sailing Schedule’s ETA/ETD is tentative and subject to changes depending on the car’s allocated carriage area/ station availability, and weather conditions.

Can I put my personal belongings inside the vehicle?

Yes, you may put your personal belongings inside the car without any charges, but you must inform us early before the booking date closes.

Can I claim for any loss of my personal belongings inside the car?

All personal belongings are at “Owner Risk”. Carriers or agents cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages that occurred during the transit.

Can I put high-value belongings inside the car?

High-value items are discouraged, such as gold or high-value items, because the insurance won’t cover them against theft or loss.

Does marine insurance cover all damages to my car?

Marine insurance only covers during the transit – based on the value of the car and the specific amount based on the insurance coverage, which may be limited according to both the insurer and the insured.

What happens if my car is damaged (interior or exterior)?

The agents cannot be held responsible including any broken items or missing accessories, parts, dents, scratches and any damage related to the engine, transmission, wiring & etc. For additional insurance coverage, the car owner needs to request or enquire with the agent or carrier.

How to know my car’s condition before and after shipping?

Please, take a walkabout to note preexisting damage to the exterior, (dents, scratches, discolouration, paint chips, etc.) and provide information or a copy for the handler and for your own reference too.

What happens if I cancel my booking?

Cancellations made after booking will be charged (%) according to the terms & conditions.

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