Protect Your Freight Against Logistics-Related Risks: Go Global with Value Protect

Ocean freight is the transport of choice for 90% of all global trade, but it comes with risks. Our Value Protect offers a simple source of protection. Learn now how it works.

Traditional marine cargo insurance offers protection for cargo owners against the known risks of transports – but the process of applying it for all shipments can be complicated, time consuming, and expensive. And as a result, 30% of cargo moved by ocean freight is uninsured.

For a small business, those three words are red flags, because your time is valuable, and you might not have the budget to contract insurance for multiple shipments and containers. A single container represents not just a portion (sometimes a big portion) of your inventory; but it is also a key link in a supply chain that begins with you and ends with your customers. And it needs to get to its destination safely and timely.

That’s why Twill, supercharged by Maersk, has introduced Value Protect to the logistics services within our platform. But you may be wondering, what is Value Protect? And why should I use it? Well, let’s take a look in more detail!