MDEC IdeaKita for Entrepreneurs & Startups in Malaysia

ARKOD received MDEC IdeaKita 2022 Certification.

MDEC IdeaKita 2022 programme by 1337 Ventures shares essential guidance and assists in elevating business goals by adopting and innovating digital technologies and services. IdeaKita is a program offered by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to support entrepreneurs and startups in Malaysia. The program provides a range of resources and supports to help entrepreneurs and startups develop and grow their businesses, including access to funding, mentorship, training, and networking opportunities.
There are many ways that companies can use digital technologies and services to streamline and optimize their logistics operations. Some examples might include using data analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize routes and delivery schedules, implementing real-time tracking and monitoring systems to improve efficiency and transparency, and adopting digital payment and invoicing systems to streamline transactions and reduce the risk of errors or fraud. By adopting these and other digital technologies, Arkod Smart Logitech can help to improve the speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of the client’s logistics operations, ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction and success in the marketplace.
ARKOD is dedicated to using digital technologies and services to improve logistics solutions and support the digital transformation of Sarawak and the growth of Malaysia’s digital economy.

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